Dubai Company Registration (LLC)

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Setting up a business in Dubai

Dubai, being the world’s hub for transportation, trading and marketing is a very attractive place for having your business opened. Setting up a business in Dubai is not only prestigious but economically perspective investment. One of the best ways to come closer to Dubai is to set up your company in mainland.

Talking about mainland, of course, we mean local companies, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Sole Establishments, Civil Companies etc., which have no territorial limitation, and can be formed through Department of Economic Development.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) involves 51% of shareholding by the local partner - a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, whereas a Sole Establishment and a Civil Company can be 100%-owned by a foreign investor.

Most local partners agree not to participate in the company’s income, in exchange to receiving a guaranteed annual gratuity, which was negotiated in advance.


Registration Costs

(final fee is calculated by the Department of Economic Development and depends on many factors)

AED 37.000 - Commercial or Professional/Service license

AED 45.000 - General Trading

Additional Fees:

AED 850 - Corporate P.O. Box. InterPoint Professional Service Fee - AED 8.000.

UAE Resident visa for a Dubai Local company:

  • AED 5.000 - Opening Labor and Immigration files (one-time off payment)
  • AED 7.500 - Each visa for partner (including Medical test and Emirates ID)
  • AED 1.000 - InterPoint service fee for each visa

In case you would like to hire personnel, each employee’s visa will cost: AED 6.000 - visa cost + AED 3.000 - deposit (refundable after visa cancellation).

Main Reasons to Set up Business in Dubai Mainland:

  • Absence of personal and corporate taxes
  • Wide variety of commercial, retail, professional and industrial licenses offered on the market
  • No corporate and income tax, including VAT
  • Company can be incorporated within 1-2 weeks, depending on the project.
  • Some professional/service activities allow the company to be 100%-owned by a non-UAE citizen.
  • The company can do business in United Arab Emirates and worldwide without any territorial limitations, in contrast to freezone companies.
  • Great choice of offices, warehouses and land all over the Emirate.
  • A company cannot be registered with a virtual office (flexi-desk or flexi-office).
  • Share capital is not required.

You can set up a company in Dubai mainland of any of the following types:

  • New Company – owned by single or multiple individual shareholders.
  • Branch – of an existing UAE-based or international company.
  • Subsidiary – owned by single or multiple corporate shareholders.

Required Documents

  • Application form (template will be provided)
  • Tourist visa copies for each Shareholder and Director/Manager
  • Passport copy of Shareholder and Director/Manager (Main page + page with recent UAE entry stamp).
  • 2-3 company name’s options in order of preference

License Types

  • Commercial License

    This license will allow the owner to import, export, sell, distribute, and store items specified in the license.

  • Professional/Service License

    This license allows the holder to carry out professional activities such as Consulting, Legal Advisory, etc.

  • Note: This type of license, in most cases requires a shareholder/director /manager of the company to have the educational degree in the proposed activity (e.g., dentist, lawyer, etc.). Certificate of education must be attested by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates.
  • General Trading License

    This license will allow the owner to import, export, sell, distribute and store goods without restrictions on the type of products (except prohibited).

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