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License Amendment without any hassle.

Your business can be even more flexible. Did you know that?

Departments of Economic Development (DED) set terms and conditions, which from one side comply with UAE Commercial Law, and on the other hand help you to make any possible amendment to your existing business license smoothly. DEDs put great efforts to enhance its efficiency in matters of servicing the issued licenses. It is proved that these efforts result in increase of number of well-running businesses in UAE. You can be assured that your business will always be flexible and you can perform any of the amendments listed below without the necessity to close the existing business and opening a new one, whether your market faces alterations or you want to make some internal corporate changes.

    You can perform the following changes in your business permit:

  • Add/remove a partner/shareholder
  • Amendment of share capital
  • Change the business activity
  • Change of legal form (for example, Sole Establishment to LLC or FZC to FZE)
  • Change of the trade name
  • Change legal/physical address of a company
  • Change of the Manager/Licensee holder of the company or Local Service Agent
  • Shares or License mortgage
  • Merge of the companies
  • Permanently or temporarily freezing of the business permit/liqidation of the company
  • Others.

Feel confused? We can help you to find the way out and give free consultation.

License Amendment in UAE

The procedure of license amendment in UAE varies depending on the registering authority (the free zone of your company’s registration – for free zone companies or Department of Economic Development – for companies registered in Mainland). Although, some general steps can be outlined as follows:

  • Specify the amendment type you want to perform
  • Submit application along with the corporate documents and personal documents of all partners, agent and manager
  • Obtain necessary third-party approvals for the activity and location – for specific activities
  • Attest the amended corporate documents in Notary Public or the Free Zone
  • Submit the attested documents to the registering authority
  • Pay the related fees
  • Collect the amended license.

Every amendment has its own peculiarities and often requires practical experience in this field. The best way to save your time, money and efforts is to hire a professional consulting company, who will assist you in the paper routine. We have many solutions that minimize your personal involvement in the procedure.