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License renewal

Starting form just USD 4395!

Managing a new business can be very hectic. You can easily lose yourself in this day-to-day routine and such an important aspect as renewing company’s license may slip away from your focus.

We are always alert, keep you updated and will remind you to renew your company on time.

Ras Al Khaimah International Company (RAK ICC) renewal

International Company does not have a license, however it still needs to be renewed not later than the date as it was registered on the yearly basis (for example, if your company is registered on January 1, 2016, you have to renew it not later than the December 31, 2016). An application for renewal of an International Company is highly recommended to submit one month prior the due date. Failure of applying on time may cause late renewal and penalty fines. We will contact you accordingly a month before your due date, and make sure your company is properly renewed.

    Required documents:

  • None!
  • All is needed is payment of the renewal fees.

All the renewal arrangements will be held by us - your Registered Agent.

License Renewal in UAE

Free Zone company license renewal

Legal entities that are registered in the UAE Free Zones must follow the license renewal process every year. The procedure includes payment of administrative fees and submission of necessary documents. The set of required documents may slightly differ depending on the place of incorporation, but generally it remains very similar between the authorities. Some UAE Free Zones require a company to submit an audit report. With help of our respective partners we will take care of this point and prepare your company for annual renewal. A process of license renovation can be started as early as one month before the expiration date. An expired license may result in suspension or closure of the company’s bank account, penalties from the authority, and freezing/terminating of the company’s license.

    Required documents:

  • Application form or letter
  • Audit report (if required)
  • Copy of valid license
  • Attested lease contract (or lease contract + eJari certificate – for Dubai companies)
  • Fit-out Certificate (not required for flexi-facilities) – for some Free Zones.
  • Third-party liability insurance – for some Free Zones.
  • Third-party approval (NOC) – for specific activities
  • Renewal fees.

Since there are over 30 active free zones in UAE, this list may vary from one free zone to another. Contact us and we will help you to determine the exact list of documents and take you through the process of your free zone company’s license renewal.

Dubai Local Companies

Local companies in Dubai have also to be renewed every year. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai handles the renewal process. It may take around 2-3 days, if no additional documents or third-party approvals (NOCs) are needed.

    These are the main documents needed from you for license renewal:

  • Application form
  • Copy of valid Trade License
  • Lease contract + eJari certificate
  • Third-party approval (NOC) – for specific activities
  • Payment of government fees

We will keep an eye on your company’s license renewal due date and notify you accordingly to make sure you have the license renewed and active.