Virtual office in Dubai, UAE

Virtual office is a smart solution that helps to save money on hiring staff, while having 100% control of your business.

Virtual office in  Dubai UAE 

A Dubai virtual office is a mixture of home and office that picks up the efficiencies of both. Users of such facility do not have to employ staff, pay them salary and become occupied by other administrative matters. On the contrary, a virtual office in Dubai offers you a lot. No matter where you are, whether in your pajamas or swimming in the sea you can be sure that the phone is always answered, e-mails are being redirected to you and no important message slips away.

This kind of facility perfectly suits International Companies, where the essence of remote control is being met. However, you can use the service of a virtual office no matter whether you have an offshore, freezone or a local/mainland company.

We bring to your attention the essential package for your Dubai virtual office starting from only USD 375 per month

  • A local telephone landline
  • An appointed secretary, who can speak the languages of your choice
  • All calls are answered with mentioning of your company name, and can be redirected to you
  • 24/7 voicemail

Virtual office

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